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4-Steps to a Flawless Face - Makeup Tutorial

Updated: Jan 13

Problems getting coverage for acne scars, or figuring out how to contour?

I’m going to show you how to get a flawless looking complexion that makes your skin look younger and brighter!

*Some of my blog posts may contain affiliate links to the awesome products I talk about. That means that I make a small commission if products are purchased through those links. But don't worry, it doesn't affect your cost of any of the products, and I never recommend any product that I don't use myself or on my clients! Thank you for the support!

Ok, so this is the face I started with. You can see redness, quite a bit of scarring, and a pretty uneven complexion.

All of the products I use are gluten free, dermatologically tested, and manufactured according to EU standards. Which means no harmful chemicals! Sensitive skin? Acne prone? Settle in because you’re going to love this foundation how-to AND the makeup I use to create it!

Now let’s jump right into Step 1 of our flawless face!

TIP: I’d also recommend starting out with a primer to get the best results like smaller-looking pores, blurred fine lines, and all-day staying power!


I like full coverage, so my favorite foundation for easy, clean coverage is the VFX Pro Camera Ready Foundation. (I use shade 00)

I only use 2 pumps on a kabuki brush and blend it into my skin in small, circular motions. Be sure to blend into the neck!

You can already see a huge difference, right? All of that redness is evened out and my blemishes and scars are practically nonexistent!


I know, I know...I said the “c-word”! I promise you it’s not going to be difficult! All you’re going to do is grab your bronzer (I like this Sun Kiss bronzer, and it’s huge!) and lightly blend some around your hairline, under your cheekbones and about halfway toward the corner of your mouth, and then a bit under your jawline. You don’t need to go overboard, just let the bronzer do the work for you!

See how that little bit of bronzer has created so much depth and made it the skin appear to glow? Super easy so far, right??


At this point, you’re almost done already! Softly apply your blush to the apples (the round part) or your cheeks and blend it a little ways backward along your cheekbones, toward your hairline but not all the way to it. I used this blush in color Modern Ballet.

TIP: If you need to, you can totally use your fingers to blend the blush in!


The last step is to set your makeup with a translucent powder. This often overlooked step has a lot of benefits. The two biggest being the fact that it helps keep your foundation in place a lot longer, and the powder also helps further blur pores, creating an almost airbrushed effect.

Use a big fluffy brush to press the powder onto the parts of your face that typically get the most oily, then lightly dust the powder over your entire face to blend everything together flawlessly!

And ta-da! With only four products and a few minutes, you have a super look that enhances your natural beauty and gives you a stunning complexion you can feel confident in!

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