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Best Face Wash for Combination Skin

Is your skin oily AND dry? Do you long for a good face wash for acne breakouts that usually come with combination skin?

Well keep reading, because I'm about to tell you about your new miracle skin care line to help all of that!

*Some of my blog posts may contain affiliate links to the awesome products I talk about. That means that I make a small commission if products are purchased through those links. But don't worry, it doesn't affect your cost of any of the products, and I never recommend any product that I don't use myself or on my clients! Thank you for the support!

I used to have crazy oily skin, then I had my daughter and I ended up with dry patches AND oily parts! UGH!

They call it “combination skin”. Well, I just call it a pain in the butt!! I struggled with a lot of skin care lines trying to find something that would fix both types of skin that I had. Everything for oily skin worked for the dry patches, but made my oily forehead even worse! Same with the products for dry skin...they worked well on my forehead to manage the oil, but my dry cheeks and chin would get to extra dry my skin would peel!

Then on top of everything, I had acne breakouts and blemishes like nobody's business because everything was so out of whack. So then I started trying to find face products to clear up acne. Well those products are usually very drying, and thus, the cycle of madness just continued and my entire face was just a wreck!

Well I introduce to you my miracle line...made with Calendula! If you’re not familiar with Calendula, it’s basically Marigold flower.

And if you have combination skin, this stuff is a dream!!




1.a Mediterranean plant of a genus that includes the common or pot marigold.

-Oxford Dictionaries

So you might be asking yourself, "why should I use Calendula on my skin?" Well I have four reasons why you should use Calendula for your face!

Benefits of Calendula for the skin include:

1. Anti-inflammatory properties

This helps to reduce redness and inflammation of the face

2. Gentle for sensitive skin

Perfect for people who typically react to products with fragrance and harsh chemicals

3. Healing properties for wounds

This is joyful news for acne sufferers!

4. Moisturizing for dry skin

Great for your dry, or combination skin, or for skin problems such as eczema

And now, let's tackle the hardest part...finding the best calendula skin care products! I've done the hard work of testing if for you already and have found out that this line works extremely well for all of the skin problems we've mentioned here. The company develops all of their products from a dermatological background and specializes in clean beauty. AND they're pretty affordable! You can pick up all three of the products I'm going to recommend for a complete skin care routine for under $40. (I know, right?!) Plus there's an amazing Sleeping Mask that's incredible for overnight healing and moisturizing, that you can add to your routine for only $15!

Here are the products I recommend for your acne-prone, sensitive, or combination skin from the FARMASi Calendula line.

The Face Wash - For gentle morning and evening cleansing

The Face Tonic - To soothe skin and promote even moisture levels

The Face Cream - After the tonic for all-day moisture of dry areas of your skin

The Sleeping Mask - For extra healing properties and overnight hydration

As always, feel free to get in touch with me about any skin care questions you might have. If you have other skin care concerns, this clean beauty line has a lot of additional skin care options such as their Tea Tree line for oily and acne-prone skin, Rose Water line for sensitive and inflamed skin, Activated Charcoal for deep pore purifying, Aloe for sensitive or dry skin, and their Age Reversist line for incredible anti-aging results.

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