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Printed Marketing Design

Print services for businesses near Medford, Oregon and across the USA.

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I will collaborate closely with you to understand your vision, brand identity, and target audience. From there I'll begin to design the layout, utilizing my skills in typography, color theory, brand consistency, and imagery to convey your message effectively. Through my partnered printing service, I'll personally ensure that every detail is clear and vibrant, providing you with a stunning brochure that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.


Professionally designed promotional flyers can serve as cost-effective tools for businesses wanting to reach a large audience quickly. These flyers can easily communicate key information about products, services, or special offers to a wide market with minimal effort on your part. By utilizing my decade-plus of graphic design expertise, you can be sure your promotional flyers will be unique and stand out in the endless sea of competition.

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Business Cards

To play on the words of the timeless song Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend -- "Foil cards or square-shaped, your cards show off your name!" Now that I've got that out of my's true that your business cards are often the first chance you have to reflect the nature of your entire business to a potential customer. I'll use my creativity and marketing knowledge to craft a card that's as unique as your business is, whether it's a transparent plastic card for a tech consultant, or a woven linen card with raised foil for an elegant wedding bakery.

Promotional Materials

How many times have you gotten some piece of promo material from a business at an event that you instantly threw away? (Anyone else have more branded pens than you know what to do with?!) Part of creative marketing is finding new and innovative ways to get your message in front of an audience in a way that will ensure they're looking at it. There are many great options and after a consultation about your budget, target audience, and desired promo method, I'll brainstorm and create effective promo materials for your business that your competitors will envy and your audience will actually keep! (Quoted bookmarks, anyone?)

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Event Signage

We've all seen those lawn signs on the roadside. If we're honest, some are definitely more effective at catching attention than others! My graphic design expertise and artistic background will ensure that your event signage will be easy for people to read, create an instant "feel" of the event, and have all the vital information needed at a glance. Let's make sure people driving by can see and think about your event on their way to the next stop light without wondering "what did that sign just say?".

Stickers & Labels

Professionally designed stickers or labels can significantly enhance a business's branding or aid in its marketing efforts. They're great tools for increasing brand visibility, whether used for products, packaging, or as promotional handouts. Well-designed stickers and labels create an air of professionalism and credibility to a business, inspiring confidence in customers and boosting brand recognition. I can design creative labels and stickers that blend seamlessly with your brand image and can be printed in many different sizes and on different types of material.

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What can I print for you?

Contact me and let's talk about creating the perfect printed materials for your business.

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