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RSVP Customization Form

Thanks for your order!

This is where I'll gather all of your information to be printed on your RSVP cards.

IMPORTANT: Please input your information EXACTLY as you would like it to be printed!

Be sure to check for:

Spelling errors

Incorrect dates



Once I receive this form, I'll get started on the design of your cards. When I'm finished, I'll email you a proof so you can see an example of what your finished card will look like.

Of course, if you have any questions, please get in touch with me using my Contact Form!

Order & Contact Info

RSVP Information

Would you like any of these elements on your RSVP card?
Thanks for the info! I'll get started on your design within 24-48 hours!

RSVP Wording Examples

These are just a few suggestions to give you some inspiration! Keep in mind that this is YOUR wedding, so let your wording choices reflect who you are as a couple.

101 rsvp realistic display - printed.png

Line 1 Examples:

  • The pleasure of a reply is requested by

  • Please send your response before

  • Kindly respond by mail or online before

  • We request the favor of a reply by

"Accepts" Examples (go traditional or unique!):

  • Graciously Accepts

  • Accepts with pleasure

  • Wouldn't miss it!

"Declines" Examples (go traditional or unique!):

  • Regretfully declines

  • Declines with sorrow

  • Can't make it!

RSVP Wording
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