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Why Hire a Pro Website Designer?

Building an online presence that stands out is an age-old quest that goes beyond standard templates.

Think of it as forging your own Excalibur in the digital realm. As a professional website design wizard partnered with Wix, I'm here to help you harness all the perks of having a seasoned nerd at the helm of your website.

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What Exactly ARE the Perks of Hiring a Pro Wix Website Designer?

Website Design

Trust your site to a professional, creative website designer near Medford, Oregon, serving the United States!

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Customization Magic

Consider me your personal Wix sorcerer, waving my wand over the platform's features to conjure a website that speaks for your brand – an online experience so unique, it's practically a unicorn in the vast digital kingdom.

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Next-Level Platform

Wielding Wix as my chosen platform for web design magic, ensures your website will have access to innovative capabilities and modern app integrations. Wordpress may have started the game, but Wix has perfected it, so your website won't get lost in the dark forest of technical capabilities!

Image by Sincerely Media

Optimized User Interface

Navigating your website should be smoother than a Star Wars hyperdrive jump. I, your designated Millennium Falcon pilot, will ensure it not only looks stunning but functions seamlessly, keeping your audience engaged like fans in a Marvel movie marathon.


Branding Consistency

Brand identity is a tricky subject for most. Your website should reflect your brand and its voice consistently. As your website designer, I'll ensure every piece of your website works with your overall brand image, maintaining seamless consistency.

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SEO Optimization

I'm like the wizard Gandalf when it comes to Google rankings; wielding my magical SEO staff to implement the best on-page ranking practices, ensuring your website does its part to boost your brand's visibility in search result pages.

Image by Jascent Leung

Mobile Responsiveness

My Wix website designs are more adaptable than the beloved Transformer, Optimus Prime. Your website will look and function flawlessly on various devices, embracing your mobile audience and adapting to whatever screen they're using to view your website.

Image by Abdul A

Time & Efficiency

Leave the technical jargon to me; your time is better spent conquering the many realms of business management. With me handling the arrows and shields of your website, you can focus on your business empire, knowing your site is in the hands of a capable website design warrior.

OK, So Why Wix?

Why do I wield Wix as my digital lightsaber for website design? Well, first off, a LOT of clients who come to me have already started a site with Wix and then wondered, "How do I build my own Wix website?" or "How can I optimize a Wix site for SEO?" That's most commonly where people find me, and I'm passionate about filling in those gaps when they most need someone to use the Force!

  • User-Friendly: Wix is as user-friendly as R2-D2 offering a helping hand to Luke Skywalker. And that makes it easy for my clients to work with too.

  • Experience: With over a decade of Wix website mastery, I'm practically a Yoda of website design – I know exactly how to utilize Wix's features in order to create a functional and unique website for you.

  • Trusted: The Wix platform itself trusts me and my work enough to call me one of their esteemed Wix partners!  You can rest easy knowing that I'm a trustworthy and reliable designer.

  • Features: Wix has a massive, ever-expanding arsenal of apps and features to cater to unique needs of every business. I wield them all like a web design Jedi armed with a lightsaber of endless possibilities.

Still Not Sure...?

Think of me as your digital storyteller, weaving tales of online triumphs. By hiring me for my services, you're not just getting a website; you're gaining a (nerdy) strategic online ally to help launch your brand forward at warp speed. Let me navigate the web design wormholes for you, ensuring your website is a powerful reflection of your business. Now hit that "Contact Me" button and let's boldly go where no website has gone before!

Let's create some website magic!

Contact me and let's talk about creating the perfect Wix website design for your business.

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